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Each enteric coated tablet contains:

Bisacodyl 5 mg.

Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate (Sodium Docusate) 100 mg.


minalax is an enteric coated laxative tablet that combines two criteria of potent efficacy and gentle action through the synergistic effects of restoring normal intestinal motility and softening of hard stool which are achieved through its dual components of bisacodyl and sodium docusate .

Bisacodyl belongs to the group of stimulant laxative that acts by directly stimulating nerve endings in the colonic mucosa thereby restoring normal intestinal motility.

Sodium sulphosuccinate (sodium docusate) belong to the group of emollient laxative (fecal softener) that acts by decreasing surface tension and increasing penetration of intestinal fluid ito the fecal mass leading to stool softening

Indications :

1) For the treatment of all forms of constipation,either acute,chronic or recurrent.

2) For bowel evacuation either as preparation for radiography, sigmoidoscopy and proctoscopy or as preoperative preparation in gastrointestinal and colorectal surgeries.

3) For the prevention of constipation whenever straining is better to be avoided as in pregnant or postpartum women, elderly, patients with painful anal conditions (fissures and/or hemorrhoids) and those with cardiovascular diseases.

Dosage :

Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, the recommended does is :

for adults

1-2 tablets at bed time

Children above 6 years

1 tablet at bed time

How supplied

strips of 10 enteric coated tablets in packs of 1 strip.

Product of AMOUN Pharmaceutical co